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DAX | SUM and SUMX – How to Perform Aggregation in DAX Language for Power BI

You probably noticed that there are many functions in DAX that are similar to Excel ones (as in article here). Contrary to Excel functions, DAX haves on strange thing. Some aggregate functions have another similar function ending with X – for example SUM and SUMX or COUNT and COUNTX. These functions often give same results… Read More »

MS BI Developer Skill Set – List of Knowledge and Abilities

What I have for you here today is a different kind of stuff. We will take a look at what should BI developer working on Microsoft technologies be able to do. I put up together a list of knowledge and abilities which I consider important for this job. I gave each skill rating (1-10) according… Read More »

Are You GDPR Ready? Try Out Our GDPR Questionnaire

What I have for you today is not an article but a questionnaire focused on GDPR (General data protection regulation), that is directive in force since 25/5/2018.  This directive cancels Law no. 101/2002 Coll on personal data protection and brings many new obligations. I recommend to start elsewhere in case you do not know GDPR… Read More »

Power BI Report (Dashboard) Tutorial Step By Step

This article is meant to be some kind of a tutorial. After going through it, it should be clearer to you how to create Power Bi report like this on your own. Following this, you can create basically any report you want – company operation report (timesheets, wages, investments), financial analytics (balance sheet, income statement,… Read More »

Power Query, Power Pivot and Power BI – What’s the Difference?

Best way to understanding of the differences between individual Power BI tools is to realize that every tool has some role in the whole processing of the final report. In standard MS Business intelligence we have tools by which we ensure data transformations (SSIS), processing of data model with data storage in relation structure (SQL… Read More »

Power Query – Powerful Tool For Self Service BI – Introduction

MS Power Query is a very powerful business intelligence tool by Microsoft. As an Excel addin it can, together with Power Pivot, replace tools which were made only for experienced developers (SQL Server Integration Services etc.) The biggest advantage of this tool is the possibility to use a wide variety of connectors to data sources.… Read More »

SQL Server 2016 News and Top Useful Features

SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services SSRS  have changed significantly since their strongly outdated predecessors. Report manager is no longer present and has been replaced by visually attractive web portal thanks to which users are able to define KPI quantities. Mobile report publisher enables user to create reports compatible with mobile phones and tablets and it… Read More »

Day Count Convention (Fractions) for Bonds, Loans, Accrued Interest – Financial Mathematics

Most calculations in the area of financial mathematics are relatively easy – for example, to calculate an annuity payment, interest rate or target amount value with regular deposits. However, financial calculations can be quite complex in certain circumstances. This is particularly true on the money and capital markets (bonds) or on some specifically agreed corporate… Read More »

SQL | Triggers in SQL Server – Definition, Types, Syntax and Examples

A trigger is a database object (procedure) that works as a watchdog for certain event. Using database triggers we can catch this event and initiate some additional action – such as logging or rejecting the action. The event that initiates the action may be: INSERT or UPDATE records in the table DELETE records from the… Read More »