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Excel | Subtotal – 11 Functions in One

SUBTOTAL is a little strange function. There are 11 mathematical functions hiding inside it. We can calculate sum, arithmetic mean, spread, minimum/maximum and another statistic values using SUBTOTAL function. What’s more, we can limit whether we want to calculate even with hidden values which were hidden manually. All under roof of one function. SUBTOTAL –… Read More »

Excel – Function for date and time – YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND

There is a huge number of functions for date and time in Excel. they are used to extract parts of the date or time type of cell. You may have needed to extract some certain parts of the data of date and time data types, for example month. All functions have identical and absolutely simple… Read More »

WEEKNUM, ISOWEEKNUM,WEEKDAY Excel – Was it on Friday After 15th Week of The Year?

You have a huge table with many date entries in it. You need to find out which date is after 20th week of the year or if a certain date is Friday. MS Excel will help by three functions – WEEKNUM, ISOWEEKNUM,WEEKDAY . It is definitely more effective than searching in calendar. More so if… Read More »

Weighted Arithmetic Mean in Excel – SUMPRODUCT

Weighted arithmetic mean is a statistical value of broad use not only in mathematics or statistics. If you need to calculate weighted arithmetic mean in Excel, here is a guide How Works Function SUMPRODUCT and Weighted Arithmetic Mean in Excel Example: Lets have few loans where every loan has different principal and interest rate. The… Read More »

Excel | VLOOKUP vs HLOOKUP – What’s the Difference + Example

The VLOOKUP function is one of the most commonly used Excel functions in general. This function returns a value we are looking for from a particular column of a table containing many rows and columns. The function supports 2 modes – full and approximate match. In addition to the VLOOKUP function, there is a similar… Read More »

Excel | Mean (Average) Functions Overview – Types, Formulas, Explanation and Examples

Let’s start with what the average means. In terms of descriptive statistics, the average is a certain reference (typical) value. It is a property of the data set that we are investigating. It belongs to the so-called measures of central tendency. If we have a large amount of data, we can describe the data with… Read More »