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WEEKNUM, ISOWEEKNUM,WEEKDAY Excel – Was it on Friday After 15th Week of The Year?

You have a huge table with many date entries in it. You need to find out which date is after 20th week of the year or if a certain date is Friday. MS Excel will help by three functions – WEEKNUM, ISOWEEKNUM,WEEKDAY . It is definitely more effective than searching in calendar. More so if… Read More »

Weighted Arithmetic Mean in Excel – SUMPRODUCT

Weighted arithmetic mean is a statistical value of broad use not only in mathematics or statistics. If you need to calculate weighted arithmetic mean in Excel, here is a guide How Works Function SUMPRODUCT and Weighted Arithmetic Mean in Excel Example: Lets have few loans where every loan has different principal and interest rate. The… Read More »

Excel | VLOOKUP vs HLOOKUP – What’s the Difference + Example

The VLOOKUP function is one of the most commonly used Excel functions in general. This function returns a value we are looking for from a particular column of a table containing many rows and columns. The function supports 2 modes – full and approximate match. In addition to the VLOOKUP function, there is a similar… Read More »

Excel | Mean (Average) Functions Overview – Types, Formulas, Explanation and Examples

Let’s start with what the average means. In terms of descriptive statistics, the average is a certain reference (typical) value. It is a property of the data set that we are investigating. It belongs to the so-called measures of central tendency. If we have a large amount of data, we can describe the data with… Read More »