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SQL Indexes – Indexing Theory Simply, Balanced Tree, Heaps

Correct table indexing in SQL Server is a base for good database performance during querying. You need to understand how SQL Server stores data into tables/indexes if you want to create appropriate sql indexes. It is also important to know how to approach these data correctly during querying. How Does SQL Server Organize Data Physically?… Read More »

How to Execute SQL Query in Excel (Office 365)? Tutorial with Examples

This article is made especially for those who regularly export large data volumes to Excel in order to analyze them or process some kind of regular report. Usually, we insert the data into Excel simply by copying it from some factory system. But data can also be inserted into excel in more suitable ways which… Read More »

How to Execute SQL Procedure in Excel incl. Parameters with Example

I must say right from the beginning that even though this process is possible, I do not recommend it (but I will show it to you anyway) :). Launching SQL queries in Excel is not optimal in general, but sometimes there is no other option. This guide is aimed on advanced Excel users with SQL… Read More »

Getting Started with Power Pivot – Data Modeling in Excel

Powerpivot is an excel add-in enabling data modeling and analysis in familiar Excel environment which is certainly an advantage. Import big amounts of data through Power Query and connect them to each other using PowerPivot One of the upsides of power pivot is possibility to connect multiple data sources into one excel. It even do… Read More »