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Sales Report in Power BI and Direct Query into SQL Database

Whenever we set connector to our data in Power BI, we have an option to select connection to a certain object (e.g. a table) or there is a second option. That is connection using direct query which secures live connection to data source. We will prepare simple Sales report by few clicks. (as in video).… Read More »

MS BI Developer Skill Set – List of Knowledge and Abilities

What I have for you here today is a different kind of stuff. We will take a look at what should BI developer working on Microsoft technologies be able to do. I put up together a list of knowledge and abilities which I consider important for this job. I gave each skill rating (1-10) according… Read More »

Power BI Report (Dashboard) Tutorial Step By Step

This article is meant to be some kind of a tutorial. After going through it, it should be clearer to you how to create Power Bi report like this on your own. Following this, you can create basically any report you want – company operation report (timesheets, wages, investments), financial analytics (balance sheet, income statement,… Read More »

Microsoft Power BI – 10 Reasons to Use It

1 Zero Investment Power BI uses so-called freemium model strategy. This means you can use Free version with some limitations but this will not be any problem for the majority of use cases. 2 Visually Perfect Reports Reports look good and can be made fast and easily. Take a look at some of the reports… Read More »

How to Get Started With Power BI + BI Tools for Excel

Power BI is a cloud technology by Microsoft which enables user to analyze and visualize data easily. Creating reports is a task anyone can do. You do not have to be a programmer to use this tool. You will need just the basic user skills. Undeniable advantage is an ever-growing community, meaning that if a… Read More »