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SSIS Google analytics Data Import into SQL Server Database (using KingswaySoft)

This article should give you guide on how to perform Google analytics data import to database/database storage without need of programming. Why should we want something like that? Maybe because we need to create our own reports or combine Google analytics data with data from other source systems – for example internal factory systems. This… Read More »

SSIS | Data Flow Task for Beginners – ETL Data Pump Component with Example

In the last article, I introduced the Control Flow feature. Using control flow we can manage through tasks what SSIS package does. The most frequently used is a Data flow task, which contains data transfer logic (ETL processes). Difference between Control Flow and Data flow task Unfortunately, these 2 terms are often confused. Control flow… Read More »

SSIS | Control Flow – Tasks, Containers and Data Flow – Integration Services (Beginners)

Before introducing Control Flow, let me recap the previous tutorial SSIS | Introduction, BIDS, Project, Package, SSIS Toolbox where I introduced the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) feature for SQL Server. My goal was to show beginners a working environment in which we can develop strong data integrations (ETL). Summary of the previous article –… Read More »

SSIS | Integration Services for Beginners – Introduction, BIDS, Project, Package, SSIS Toolbox

This article serves as an introduction to SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for SQL Server. It contains information about this function and its basic parts. SQL Server is generally understood mainly as a database platform containing a powerful database engine and client – Management Studio for working with databases. There are a number of editions,… Read More »