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Basic SQL Queries – Overview For Beginners With Examples

What I have here today is a article for beginners. It will be full of sql query examples. We will start from the most basic ones and continue up. SQL queries will be organized chronologically according to their difficulty. I will add more later on. SQL knowledge is a must for any IT department nowadays.… Read More »

SQL ORDER BY – Sorting Data in SQL Table in Descending or Ascending Order

ORDER BY clause in SQL enables us to sort results of the query by specific field (column) or more columns. There are 2 sorting options: Ascending order (ASC) – sorts records from lowest to highest in case of numbers and from A to Z in case of text strings Descending order (DESC) – sorts records… Read More »

SQL SELECT DISTINCT – Removing Duplicates from Table = Unique values

SELECT DISTINCT is a command used to show unique records in a table. Its use is broad but it is mainly used to remove duplicities in the records when taking multiple views on data. Hint: If we select more than 1 column, DISTINCT will return unique combinations of selected columns SELECT DISTINCT Syntax Syntax is… Read More »