SSRS Tutorial Part 1 – Creating SSRS Project and Report in Reporting Services

This miniseries focused on making a report in Reporting services will show you how to create SSRS project and report step by step. Let’s take this as a preparation of place where we will create the report itself. To even start working with Reporting Services tool, we need:

  • SQL Server Data tools 2015 (or older) – SSDT in further readings. We can also use Report builder (SSRS desktop app) but this one has limited options. I will talk about it in different post.
  • SQL instance either on local or factory SQL Server. If you have neither of these, just install SQL Server Express (guide here). After installation, upload Microsoft AdventureWorksDW2014 sample database so you have some data for the reports. Installation guide can be found here.

You can take a look at this video to see how to create a report in reporting services (SSRS) in SQL server data tools 2015 interface (no sound, czech labels):

SSRS Project and Report Creation

SSRS projects are kinds of packages containing reports, datasets and data connectors. Basically everything for the correct communication of report with sql database and correct functioning. There are 2 options after SSDT launch. We either have so project in works or we can create a new one. We create a new project and on the next screen select Report Server Project.

Založení SSRS projektu

[1] SSRS project creation

SSRS Výběr typu projektu

[2] SSRS project selection









To create and select a project, report creation is needed. You will do that by right-clicking above folder report in Solution explorer. Then select either:

  • Add new report – in this case, wizard is activated. It will guide you through connection of reports to datasets etc. I personally do not like report wizard and therefore I use the second option
  • Add New item followed by selecting Report – wizard does not bother you in this case. You can make everything up to your needs. So, create report of Sales by products. You can see that reporting services files have rdl extension

Založení reportu v Solution Exploreru

[3] Report creation in Solution Explorer

Pojmenování nového SSRS reportu

[4] Naming new SSRS report










If you followed these steps then this view is expecting you. (or little bit different maybe, depends on SQL Server data tools version).

SSRS Projekt a report jsou úspěšně založeny

[5] SSRS Project and report are successfully created

Report in reporting services project is created. What’s next is creating Data source for SSRS and creating Dataset from which will the report import data. But that is for another article.
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