SSRS Tutorial Part 6 – How To Deploy Report in SSRS – Reporting Services

By | 2. 2. 2020

We now have well-prepared simple report after the 5th part of the series (Configuring parameter/filter in SSRS). This article is focused on report deployment in SSRS and describes how to get report on server so that other users can take a look at it. We will do a little configuration of the project and then the report Deploy itself. This post is shorter than others since there is nothing complicated about this procedure.

How To Deploy Report in SSRS

Let’s do a little revision of the state of our report after last part. We have set all connections, datasets and also a simple report reacting to filter “Rok”.

Nastavení parametru v SSRS

Configuring Report Server in Reporting Services

Final reports are deployed to Report server and from there it is possible to browse through them in Report portal. Report server is located in address   http://[název serveru]/ReportServer if installed in default. If you have SQL server express installed, then the address of your report server will be:

  • http://[název pc]/ReportServer or
  • http://[název pc]/ReportServer_LOCAL

It is the second possibility in my case. Address of Report Server can be changed in configuration manager. I will try to change the address so there will not be “_LOCAL” [2] on the end. We will commence execution [3] and new address operational check after the confirmation [4].

[1] Report server address

[2] Report address change

[3] Address change confirmed

[4] Checking if the new address works








Project/Report Deploy in Reporting services

We already know the address of the report. All we need to do now is to deploy report on report. But let’s configure the project first. We can do that by clicking on Project – Properties [5] and in Target server URL selection we will link to our report server address and confirm [6]. Last step is to click above the project and select Deploy [7]. Message on successful deployment is available in Output window [8].

[5] Project Deploy configuration

[6] Configuring the route to report sever above project

[7] Project Deploy

Deploy reportu v SSRS

[8] Message on successful deployment of project







And that is all. Report lies where it should and we can take a look at it via Report manager on address http://[název pc]/Reports (address can be changed similarly as in report server) [9]

[9] Report deployed on report manager

I say goodbye with last look on final report

Next, we will take a closer look at Report manager/Report portal. We will set access rights for reports and folders containing reports.

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