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SQL Error: Login Failed for User – What to do?

SQL Error “Login failed for user <user name>. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection” is quite common. The problem is that SQL Server cannot identify user name. This is how the error message looks like. What are the Most Common Reasons? Incorrect login or authentication type (Windows vs. SQL) Login… Read More »

SQL Error: Saving Changes is Not Permitted – Solution with Example

When working with database objects, we may sometimes get into a situation when we want to change property of an object. For example change of data type in column of a table via table design in SQL Server management studio. If there is data in the table, SQL server should display an error message if… Read More »

SQL TRY CATCH and Error Handling with Examples

SQL TRY CATCH command is designed to control code flow in case that error situation occurs (error handling). This construction consists of  blocks. It is also possible to use transaction (more in article on Transactions). If an error occurs in the first block – TRY..END like that is activated code in CATCH..END block. TRY CATCH… Read More »