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Power BI Gateway – Introduction Into Tool For Report Refresh/Update

It is nothing hard to create report using Power BI desktop for example from Excel and then upload it to the cloud on powerbi.com. But how to update the cloud data when the source file is located on your PC/server and “the cloud service does not see the data”? One of the ways is to… Read More »

Power BI Custom Visuals – Additional Visualizations to Power BI Desktop

Were you ever creating a report and did not find a feature in your Power BI Desktop that would enable you to visualize data according to your needs? What are Power BI Custom Visuals? Custom Power BI visuals were created by members of power BI community – programmers, users, and fans of this wonderful tool.… Read More »

Microsoft Power BI – 10 Reasons to Use It

1 Zero Investment Power BI uses so-called freemium model strategy. This means you can use Free version with some limitations but this will not be any problem for the majority of use cases. 2 Visually Perfect Reports Reports look good and can be made fast and easily. Take a look at some of the reports… Read More »

How to Get Started With Power BI + BI Tools for Excel

Power BI is a cloud technology by Microsoft which enables user to analyze and visualize data easily. Creating reports is a task anyone can do. You do not have to be a programmer to use this tool. You will need just the basic user skills. Undeniable advantage is an ever-growing community, meaning that if a… Read More »