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Power BIZde najdete zdroje informací zaměřené na Power BI v angličtině, např. aktuality z Microsoft blogu a různá směsice informací z TOP blogů a magazínů zaměřených převážně na Power BI.

  • Microsoft Power BI Blog | feed – nejnovější informace a aktuality z Power BI přímo od Microsoftu
  • Excelerator | feed – kvalitní zdroj informací a tutoriálů o Power BI
  • Kasper On BI | feed – Blog Kasper de Jongeho – program manažera Power BI
  • Blog Chrise Webba | feed – Chris bloguje přes 10 let a na jeho webu se nachází přes 1000 článků o Power BI a DAXu
  • Prathy | feed – Blog Prathy Kamasani – nezávislé kontraktorky z Indie žijící v Londýně
  • Datachant | feed – Blog Gila Raviva, který pomáhá klietům (včetně klientů Fortune 500) vytvářet moderní self-service BI řešení.

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  • COVID-19: Build your own Power BI dashboard
    by Gil Raviv on 18.3.2020 at 18:10

    With all the craziness in our lives due to coronavirus, the reliance today on facts is more important than ever. To help you stay safe I thought you would appreciate this tutorial to learn how you can build your own reliable Power BI report that can analyze the confirmed infections, recovery and death rates of The post COVID-19: Build your own […]

  • Paginated Reports in a Day training is now available free online
    on 18.3.2020 at 15:32

    We’re excited to announce the full Paginated Reports in a Day course is now available to view online at no cost!

  • Arun ‘Triple A’ Event Video, Q&A, and Slides
    on 18.3.2020 at 11:14

    Missed the Arun ‘Triple A’ event or want to revisit it? We’ve got you covered!

  • We’re revealing what’s next for Power BI
    on 18.3.2020 at 9:00

    Be the first to experience the new innovations across Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 on April 2 at the Microsoft Business Applications Virtual Launch Event—a free virtual event for everyone from app users to IT professionals.

  • On-premises data gateway March 2020 update is now available
    on 16.3.2020 at 11:24

    March Gateway release

  • Making One Power BI Measure Appear In Multiple Folders
    by Chris Webb on 16.3.2020 at 9:00

    Back in 2018, when I wrote a detailed post on how to create nested display folders for measures in Power BI, I mentioned that unlike in Analysis Services it was not possible to make a Power BI measure appear in two or more folders simultaneously. The other day on Twitter Deepak Agrawal pointed out that

  • Join us! Dataflows Webinar Mar 12 11:00am – Noon PST
    on 12.3.2020 at 9:06

    Create custom visuals using R, JSON scripts and Charticulator.

  • Power BI Desktop March 2020 Feature Summary
    on 11.3.2020 at 14:11

    We have great updates this month! We are releasing new button actions, multi-column sort for tables, dual axis for line chart, a search for the filter pane, updates to decomposition tree, and much more! We are also releasing a preview of an enhanced dataset metadata feature, which will be foundational for XMLA read/write and for management of […]

  • Announcing a new, revamped search experience in the Power BI service
    on 11.3.2020 at 1:28

    Today, I’m excited to announce that we’re releasing a new, revamped search experience that allows users to search across all the content they have access to from any page in the product!

  • Adding Semesters to a Calendar in Power BI
    by Matt Allington on 10.3.2020 at 20:30

    I have delivered Power BI training at a number of universities over the last 6 months, and a few of the participants asked me the same question.  “What is the best way to add semesters … Adding Semesters to a Calendar in Power BI Read More

  • Visualising Power BI Premium And Azure Analysis Services Query Parallelism
    by Chris Webb on 9.3.2020 at 15:00

    In my last post I showed how to connect SQL Server Profiler up to a Power BI Premium dataset but I didn’t give you any examples of why this might be useful. In this post I’ll show you how you can use a Profiler trace to visualise all the queries run by a Power BI

  • February 2020 Community Highlights
    on 9.3.2020 at 10:17

    Find out what happened in the Power BI Community in February.

  • Power BI Mobile – you are in control
    on 9.3.2020 at 0:58

    Introducing Interactions Setting, which lets you configure how to interact with reports in Power BI mobile apps. Including docking report footer and enabling multi-select!

  • Export report to PDF, PPTX and PNG files using Power BI REST API (Preview)
    on 6.3.2020 at 5:19

    We are thrilled to announce an additional layer of capabilities, allowing you to export a Power BI report by using a REST call, to the following file formats: PDF, PPTX (PowerPoint) and PNG. 

  • Scraping data from JavaScript web sites with Power Query
    by Jason Cockington on 3.3.2020 at 3:53

    In a recent post, Matt discussed how to extract data from complex websites with Power BI using the New Web Table Inference capability of Power Query.  This article is an extension of those ideas, revealing … Scraping data from JavaScript web sites with Power Query Read More

  • Connecting SQL Server Profiler To Power BI Premium
    by Chris Webb on 2.3.2020 at 9:00

    Back in December when I wrote a series of posts on testing the performance of Power BI reports in the browser, I mentioned that it was important to test in the browser because some aspects of the performance of a report may be different there compared to in Power BI Desktop. Following on from this,

  • Meet the Bad-Practice Power BI Astronaut
    by Gil Raviv on 29.2.2020 at 1:03

    The Community Summit was postponed to June 29 – July 2 due to the Coronavirus worldwide concerns. So, I have plenty of time to prepare for my session. I don’t like to keep things in the oven for a long time – so I decided to share with you a few of my slides. Subscribe The post Meet the Bad-Practice Power BI Astronaut appeared […]

  • From Marine Biologist to Power BI Pro
    by Jason Cockington on 27.2.2020 at 0:18

    Matt here:  If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may remember that late in 2019 I advertised for a full time trainer to join my company.  I have been in business for … From Marine Biologist to Power BI Pro Read More

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence – 2020 Update
    by Matt Allington on 24.2.2020 at 22:15

    Updated Feb 2020 Gartner released the 2020 magic quadrant for Business Intelligence early in Feb 2020.  As expected (by me at least), Microsoft is continuing its trail blazing and has maintained a clear lead over … Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence – 2020 Update Read More

  • Adding Your Own Messages To Power Query Query Diagnostics
    by Chris Webb on 24.2.2020 at 21:05

    A quick point: while the Power Query Query Diagnostics functionality is relatively new, it’s based on Power BI/Power Query trace logging that has been around for a while. I’ve just realised that this means you can use the Diagnostics.Trace M function that I blogged about back in 2016 to add your own messages to the

  • Joining Tables on 2 Columns in Power BI
    by Matt Allington on 17.2.2020 at 22:59

    I was delivering an advanced DAX class recently and was chatting with the bright students in the class about various topics. Through the discussions it occurred to me that it may be possible to create … Joining Tables on 2 Columns in Power BI Read More

  • Make Your Power BI Report Run Faster By Showing The Same Data In Fewer Visuals
    by Chris Webb on 17.2.2020 at 9:30

    Do you have a Power BI report that has a row of card visuals on it, something like this: ? It’s a very common thing to do, but if your report is too slow to render you may find that a design like this is part of the problem. Now look at the following report

  • Get the SQL Query used in DirectQuery mode
    by Kasper on 13.2.2020 at 12:31

    When you are optimizing your DirectQuery model and you have done all the optimizations on the model already, you might want to run the queries generated by Power BI by...The post Get the SQL Query used in DirectQuery mode appeared first on Kasper On BI.

  • Guest Story: Power BI Adoption
    by Gil Raviv on 12.2.2020 at 2:17

    Finding value in data and dialogue After reading Gil’s article asking if we were “Riding the wave of Power BI”, I wondered what we’d share about our own journey. Now down the road from our humble beginnings in Power Pivot, we’ve put pen to paper to share our experience. Six years ago, I had a The post Guest Story: […]

  • An M Function To Help You Explore Power Query Diagnostics Data
    by Chris Webb on 10.2.2020 at 9:00

    Last week’s post showed an M function that took Power Query diagnostics data and formatted in a way that made it suitable for visualisation in a Power BI Decomposition Tree visual. This is great for understanding what’s going on at a high level, but by doing this you also lose a lot of detailed information